What is the LifeMD Weight Loss Money-Back Guarantee?

With the LifeMD Weight Loss Money-Back Guarantee, you may qualify for a refund of your LifeMD Weight Management Membership Fees if you do not lose 10% of your body weight by the one-year anniversary of your enrollment in the program while meeting the criteria for eligibility, defined below. A refund will account for the Membership Fees charged during the one-year period minus the cost of Program Costs incurred by LifeMD, which include medical consultations, insurance and benefits verification, prior authorization management, and lab work (if applicable).

To be eligible for LifeMD's “Money Back-Guarantee,” you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • You signed up for the LifeMD Weight Management Program after 10/1/2023;
  • You self-paid for the LifeMD Weight Management Program;
  • You accurately represented your eligibility throughout the LifeMD Weight Management Program, including an accurate account of medical history and BMI;
  • You followed the medical recommendations for medication use, including any suggested medication changes and adjustments, as well as the recommended duration of use;
  • You attended all of your scheduled consultations (i.e., did not miss an appointment without notice) and completed all required lab work.
  • You recorded and/or updated current weight in the patient portal at least weekly (with the latest weight added to the system no more than 10 days after the prior update).
  • Your account has been in good standing at time of request (i.e., there are no outstanding payments or balances).

Restrictions apply. Please see "Refundable Scenario E" at https://lifemd.com/weight-management/program-refund-guidelines/ for more information.

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