Can I reschedule or cancel an appointment, and if so, how?

Canceling or rescheduling your appointment can be done in less than 30 seconds! Let's go through the steps.

  1. Find your appointment. This can be done by clicking the green banner on your dashboard, or by clicking into your Appointments tab and selecting View for the appointment you have scheduled. 
  2. If you join from the banner, you'll enter the 'waiting room' where you will see the option to reschedule or cancel. If you click View from the appointments tab, you will see the same without having to enter the waiting room.
  3. Confirm that you want to reschedule or cancel by clicking Reschedule / cancel on the pop-up.
  4. This will bring up the rescheduling window. If you are looking to cancel, just scroll to the bottom and click Cancel appointment. 
  5. If you choose to cancel, you're done! If rescheduling, select the time / provider for the appointment time you would prefer, and then click Reschedule.
  6. Confirm your new appointment under your Appointments tab.
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