LifeMD offers multiple memberships: FlexCare, TotalCare, ConciergeCare, and the LifeMD Weight Management Program.

FlexCare is free to join and grants you access to the A.I. powered symptom checker and the LifeMD prescription discount card. On this membership tier, visits with a licensed provider cost $139 each and grant you access to 90 days of follow-up messaging with the LifeMD care team.

TotalCare costs $117 every three months, and includes a complimentary visit with a provider every 30 days. TotalCare also includes convenient discounted labs at Quest and LabCorp. Additional visits in any given 30-day window cost $59.

ConciergeCare costs $99/month and includes all the benefits of TotalCare. All visits on ConciergeCare are completely free, and membership includes access to comprehensive lab work, and specialist and imaging referrals as needed. 

The LifeMD Weight Management Program is a $129/month program that combines groundbreaking GLP-1 medications, lab testing, and the knowledge of leading clinicians to create a highly effective approach to weight loss. 

LifeMD Membership Plans



No subscription required



$39/month (billed quarterly)

Free visit every month



Unlimited free visits

Weight Management Program


Holistic weight management

Book an immediate video visit with a highly rated LifeMD affiliated doctor or provider. Join the LifeMD family and save 72% on today’s appointment and your ongoing care. Take your health to the next level with unlimited visits with the same doctor, in-home labs and wellness. The smartest way to lose weight.
  • Unlimited use of LifeMD’s mobile app and symptom checker
  • Free membership in LifeMD’s prescription discount card program
  • Discounted labs at Quest and LabCorp (may require follow up consult)
  • 90 days of 24/7 messaging with your LifeMD care team

  • Ongoing, on-demand access to doctors and care team.
  • Free appointment included every month ($100/month savings!)
  • Over 90% savings on labs and medications.
  • Convenient labs at Quest and LabCorp
  • 24/7 messaging with your LifeMD care team
  • Cancel anytime

All the benefits of TotalCare, plus:

  • Comprehensive annual wellness exam
  • Lab testing done in the comfort of your home
  • Specialist and imaging referrals
  • Wellness coaching
  • Discounted access to exclusive programs
  • Cancel anytime
  • Access to GLP-1 medications
  • In-depth metabolic testing
  • Expert clinical guidance
  • Insurance assistance
  • Ongoing physician care
  • Cancel anytime





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