LifeMD offers two membership plans, LifeMD Membership and LifeMD Unlimited Membership.

When first creating your account with LifeMD, you are enrolled in a free 30 day trial of a LifeMD Membership. After the 30-day trial is over, you are automatically enrolled into a LifeMD Membership at $15.00 a month.  With LifeMD Membership plans, you pay for each time you visit with a doctor. The visits cost $49.00 and your doctor visit consists of discussing one problem.

Optionally, you can upgrade to LifeMD Unlimited at $99.00 a month. With this plan, your appointments are free and unlimited with your selected personal physician.

You may want to consider your needs when selecting the plan that best suits your needs. For example: if you visit your doctor frequently, you may benefit from the LifeMD Unlimited plan that provides personalized ongoing medical care. 


Benefits of Using LifeMD Membership Plans

LifeMD Membership Unlimited Membership
Visits focused on one problem Visits covering multiple problems
Select physician per appointment Select a Primary Care physician
Doctor visits - $49.00 Personal Doctor visits - free
Messaging with a Medical Assistant Unlimited messaging with your medical team
Membership - $15.00 a month Membership - $99.00 a month
No insurance required  No insurance required 
15-minute doctor appointments Up to 30-minute doctor appointments 



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