What is the LifeMD Weight Management Program?

The LifeMD Weight Management Program is a 360° approach that combines groundbreaking GLP-1 medications, lab testing, and the knowledge of leading clinicians to create a highly effective approach to weight loss. We’ll take your unique metabolic profile and lifestyle habits into account to help ensure you lose the extra weight — one of the most important things you’ll ever do for your health.


Licensed healthcare providers can prescribe a diverse range of weight loss medications to help you reach your weight loss goals – from groundbreaking GLP-1s to additional prescription options including Contrave, Metformin, and Orlistat. We also offer prescription compounded medications that combine the active ingredients of "name brand" GLP-1 medications to help you lose weight alongside positive lifestyle choices. Medication cost is not included in the cost of the program but our insurance benefits checks service will work with you and your insurer to determine your level of coverage.


Our philosophy revolves around fostering long-term patient-provider partnerships, supported by leading technology, a multi-person care team, and the appropriate medication – that all converge to pave the way for achievable weight loss and long-term wellness.

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