What's the difference between Front Desk and Care Team?

When you log into your LifeMD account, you may notice that under Messages there are two options: Front Desk and Care Team. While it's clear that this is how you get in touch with someone about questions you have, it may not be entirely clear what questions go where. Let's go over it!

On desktop, there will be brief explanations:

  • Front Desk: Ask account-related questions and get help using the LifeMD Platform.
  • Care Team: Use this space for health-related questions and messages.

This helps us understand the intention between the two sides of this messaging coin: 

  • The Front Desk is for technical or account-related questions. This can be questions like "I noticed my medication was charged twice, can I get a refund for one?" or "I'm getting an error when I try to enter my weight through the app, can you help?" 

These questions do not require assistance from the Care Team or your provider, but rather revolve around payment assistance or technical help. This is exactly what Front Desk is for. 

  • The Care Team is for medical or prescription-related questions. This can be questions like "Should I up my dosage?" or "I noticed that this new medication is making me super sleepy, is this a normal side effect?

These questions revolve around topics that are best answered by a top-tier medical staff and  your LifeMD-affiliated provider, who can offer you solutions and adjustments to your care plan. This is exactly what the Care Team message center is there for. 

You can also see these two areas separated when you look in your messages — there is a toggle between Front desk and Care team. Be sure you select the correct one based on the question(s) you have.

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