What do the banners mean when I log into the portal?

Action required: Finish health profile

The red Action Required banner is an indication that there is something crucial missing from your health profile that's needed before your first appointment. It's incredibly important to complete your profile in case there is something in your medical history that may disqualify you from the treatment plan you were hoping for.


Your provider is ready

This green banner is a reminder that you have an appointment that you need to join. Please select Join Call to start the appointment with your provider.


Today at (time)

This green banner is a reminder that you have an appointment coming up the later that day. If you are close enough to the appointment time, you can enter the waiting room.


Lab test results

The purple banner indicates that your lab results have been returned and are ready to be viewed. Your provider will have also gotten a message about this. You can reach out to them through Care Team messages if you have any questions.


Missed appointment

This red banner is an indication you have missed a scheduled appointment. You can quickly reschedule by clicking into the banner, by contacting our Care Team through Front Desk messaging, or calling in.


New message

The blue banner shows that you have one or more pending messages to review from the Care Team. Go to Front Desk to review the message(s) and answer anything that may be needed for your appointment, or medications.


Update health profile

The teal banner shows it's time to review your medical profile. This is different from the Action Required banner as you have everything necessary, but it just might be a good idea to look your profile over and see if anything needs to be updated. This can include your phone number, your address, your insurance information, et cetera.


Multiple banners

If you see a stack or slider of banners, that just means you have multiple items to address. You can swipe or click through to view all the outstanding needs for your account. 

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